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Eagle River Valley Services

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The Hope Center provides a specific array of services that were designed to decrease the stress of navigating the convoluted system of mental health and most importantly, to tighten the reins on the gaps found in the services provided in the valley.

24-Hour Hopeline

970-306-4673 (HOPE)

The Aspen Hope Center provides a 24-hour confidential Hopeline (970-306-4673 (HOPE) to ensure that anyone who calls for help reaches an on-call clinician anytime day or night, seven days per week. Having one place to call makes all the difference and the immediate response ensures the person calling receives the appropriate help in a timely manner.

Crisis Intervention & Individual Intensive Outpatient Program

Each person who calls in crisis requires an individualized approach to handle with their particular situation. The Hope Center clinicians conduct an initial clinical assessment over the phone, and often times they arrange for an in-person evaluation. This is when the crisis team becomes ‘mobile’ and the clinician meets the client at the Hope Center office or wherever the caller may be at the time. These assessments have taken place in homes or offices, sometimes at local agencies, at a physician’s office or schools. If an individual evaluated is deemed high risk and his/her safety may be in jeopardy, they may be entered into the Stabilization Program. This program is an alternative to inpatient hospitalization, where the client may remain in their home with loved ones and friends to support them while receiving specialized, wrap-around services from local practitioners, peers and agencies. During the Program, the client is seen daily by several professionals until he/she is stabilized and able to move into regular weekly therapy.

Individual Counseling

The Hope Center offers short-term, solution focused therapy provided by licensed therapists for various types of life struggles. Counselors also participate in the Employee Assistance Program through Triad, providing 3-5 sessions for qualified employees. The Hope Center also offers daily intensive therapy through the Stabilization Program, which is an alternative to inpatient psychiatric hospitalization.