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Introduction to Tai Chi

Jake Carroll, Level IV Certified Instructor, will share his story of how Tai Chi changed his life. There is nothing you need to bring, and no expectations. Simply show up, breathe, and relax!

Jakes Journey~ Tai Chi is the art of pressure. Life is pressure. When you’re confronted with pressure what do you do? Two of the most common responses are to freeze or to panic. Fight or flight. But, through an ingenious system of movement, backed by a system of though thousands of years old, Tai Chi teaches us a third way: to relax.

Before I learned Tai Chi I was tired and broken. at 18 years old I felt like I had enough of life. When an obstacle came my way I would either try to panic my way through it, or stick my head in the sand and hope the problem went away. Neither of these tactics yielded much fruit, and my life quickly spiraled further downward.

Through its gentle exercise and patient power, Tai Chi gave me the energy and confidence I needed to pick myself up and deal with my problems. It’s not magic, and it does take work, but lasting change is possible. I have learned to love my life, if I could learn that, I know you can too!

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Event Details

November 5
Basalt Library
14 Midland Ave, Basalt

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