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Return to Peace

Please join us for our monthly Mental Wellness Series at the Basalt Library.  Shannon Jones will share her story of wellness & health as well as interactive breath work, meditation, & yoga stretches during her presentation.

Please RSVP to or call 970-948-0773

Shannon’s journey with health & wellness began over 20 years ago, when anxiety and depression first entered her life. An uphill battle towards wellness began to unfold as she explored yoga, breath work & nutrition as healing tools for alleviating mental and emotional unease. Shannon’s curiosity and passion for holistic health and grief healing has lead her down an anthropological path of discovery, uncovering the ancient & modern healing modalities that can offer authentic human wholeness. Shannon leads workshops and retreats for all ages that harmonize the mind, body & spirit through yoga, nature connection and expressive arts. Her casual, open-hearted approach offers a safe and uplifting environment for her students to fully embody their true selves. Shannon’s hope for the world is the creation of intimate, multi-generational connection through familial heart healing.

Event Details

Mon 1 Oct 2018
Basalt Library
99 Midland Ave

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