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Lauren Ruhl, Crisis Clinician, LPCC

Lauren Ruhl

Crisis Clinician, LPCC

Lauren Ruhl is a graduate from the Sport & Performance Psychology Master’s program from the University of Denver. She is currently a licensed professional counselor candidate with diverse experience serving children as young as the age of nine to adults of middle age. Being a former collegiate athlete, Lauren’s passion lies in helping individuals live with a strong mind-body connection to allow for optimal performance and overall life. Her early experience involved working with adults and children who have various types of disabilities (Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, dyslexia, learning impairments, various mental health diseases, etc.) in the Denver area to help them become their own self-determined advocate with the necessary skills to be successful within their living, working, and social environments. Lauren’s understanding of the brain and neurological development has enhanced her knowledge around the unavoidable and imperative mind-body connection.


Lauren furthered and transitioned her career towards performance and exercise psychology in Eagle County in the summer of 2017. Here she has since assisted sports teams, individual athletes, and weekend warriors in developing a mental toolbox to allow them to feel prepared in overcoming, managing, and preventing unique situations he or she may face in sport and life. Lauren was additionally an employee for Youth Power 365 and helped run the Girl PowHer program for the 2017-2018 school year. This experience is where her passion blossomed for wanting to help children and adults in Eagle County that are experiencing and struggling to manage mental health issues. Lauren is a strong advocate of mental health awareness and deeply loves supporting, guiding and serving for her community.