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Our mission is to extend a beacon of hope to those in emotional crisis and offer a continuum of comprehensive care while steadfastly working to decrease the stigma of mental illness through expert clinical care, public education, community collaboration and outreach.

Valley Life for All Column: Redefining the Prospective of Mental Health

Aspen Hope Center

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Our Story

When the Hope Center opened we were tasked with finding a creative way to help people in a rural area when often we cannot find a hospital bed or weather prohibits us from reaching one.

The Hope Center created a stabilization program that is unlike any other outpatient program. It is an alternative to inpatient hospitalization. We take individuals who meet criteria for inpatient, yet agree to a tight knit safety plan and daily intensive therapeutic work, and we treat them in their homes, right here in the community.

The revolving door of people drops dramatically and people begin to thrive and LIVE!!


The Other Side Of Paradise by Amanda Rae, published in the Aspen Sojourner Midwinter 2018 Issue

Finding Hope at the Hope Center A word of encouragement from the Editor-in-Chief Cindy Hirshfeld about the paradox of stress in paradise.

Other Side of Paradise

Peggy’s Testimonial

September of 2013, I lost my sister to suicide. She lived in Florida. My whole sense of reality was tilted and I felt like I was lost, falling apart. The shock was intense and long lasting. All of my spiritual and yoga practices went out the window. Nothing made sense. Having Michelle Muething and Sandy Iglehart as guides and the support group (Lifeline) facilitated by the Hope Center staff – I found a safe place to connect to others who were immersed in similar unfathomable pain. At a time when I was unbearably vulnerable, the Aspen Hope Center gave me tools, comfort and helped me to access resources that slowly brought me back to wholeness.

I will be forever grateful. – Peggy Burke, Snowmass, CO